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Create a personal memorial

Build a lasting and dignified remembrance.

Precious memories are created together. An online remembrance can help to collate and share stories and thoughts. Simply start with the online memorial for a lasting memory of your loved one. All commemorations, condolences and reactions collated in one place, making it easy to convert into a tangible keepsake book or video.

All information from the farewell stored together

All the best wishes for you and your loved one can be collated into a tribute. Use this simple solution to help address practical questions and thoughts during this most difficult period. Do you prefer a private goodbye? Or would you prefer to provide everyone the opportunity to participate? What time will the service take place? Can people offer condolences before or after the service? Would you appreciate everyone making a joint gesture, i.e. bringing a white rose to the burial? Are people invited to a wake, to share a coffee or something stronger?

Making beautiful memories together

It is often comforting to hear how your loved one influenced and touched the lives of others. Together with family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues, gather the precious stories that help to keep the memory of your loved one alive, with a tear and a smile. By inviting people to contribute, you create a rich, lasting remembrance. Send your invitation via email, social media, in a condolence card or via the obituary.

Simple, clear and self-managed

In a few simple steps, you can create a memorial for your loved one, where family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues can contribute. Use your own creativity to make the memorial your own. All contributed condolences can be withheld, for approval, before publishing, should you prefer.
Condolences, biography and memories (poems, photographs, video’s and quotes) in one place
Condolences arrive through various means, for example, telephone, WhatsApp or FaceBook Messenger, a card or a message in the condolence book from the funeral home. The remembrance can be used to collect all these reactions in a single place.

Easy to convert to a tangible keepsake book

A remembrance book or film is a striking way to capture these memories forever. Commemorations, stories, condolences, photographs and other reactions can be placed in the memorial and, in a few simple steps, converted into a beautiful remembrance book or video. Create tangible heritage for a child, grandchild, or other family member to cherish; a valuable gift for those left behind.

A personal online remembrance costs 75 euros or 35 euros (when combined with an obituary in the newspaper). The online monument is accessible for yourself and other family members for, at least, 14 months. During this period, you can create a precious lasting memorial. The availability of the memorial can be easily extended, should you wish. For more information, please refer to

Online memorial

Build together a lasting and dignified remembrance
  • All information from the farewell stored together
  • Sharing fond memories
  • Simple, clear and self-managed
  • Condolences, biography and memories (poems, pictures, video’s and quotes) in one place
  • Easy to convert to a tangible keepsake book
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Herdenkingsplek van

Henk Maat

02 July 1932
17 April 2017
On 17 April 2017 Henk Maat has passed away


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